Why Community College May Be The Perfect Place To Start For Some Students

By Paris Weber 

“I want to go OFF to college!”… “My friends are going to huge universities!”

This was the stuff I was saying when I found out I had to go to a community college. I was ambitious, I made good grades, and I felt like I deserved to go to a university right after high school. The tuition at the university I wanted to go to didn’t agree with me though. So regardless of why you find yourself at a community college, whether it’s because of expenses or maybe you feel like you just aren’t ready to move away, here is a list of reasons why community college is by no means a bad place to be.

1)   You get to really know your professors! At my college, it was well known that the professors really cared and wanted the students to learn. A lot of the classes were small, so it gave me an opportunity to talk to them and ask them questions. Many professors encourage their students to ask for help if needed, and I’ve had professors that would even give me advice when they knew I was going through a difficult time.

2)   Cheaper tuition! Paying for classes at a community college is significantly easier than paying for classes at a university. This lessens stress, and it also decreases your chances of being in extreme debt after graduation. Through grants and a scholarship, I was able to complete my first two years of college without accumulating any debt!

3)   It’s close to home! A lot of high school graduates may not feel ready to move far from home, and that’s completely okay! My college was five minutes from my house, and I really enjoyed the convenience of it. You’ll almost always run into someone you know at a college in your hometown, so no worries about being alone!

4)   More time to figure out where you belong! During my two years, I changed my mind about which university would be the best for me several times. I think the extra time was a good thing, as I was able to spend time in a college setting and learn more about myself academically.

5)   A lot of guidance! My college hosted university fairs. Representatives from many universities would set up a booth and hand out pamphlets and answer questions regarding their university. Community colleges want you to succeed! They just want to be a stepping-stone to success as you go on to a university, and ultimately, a career.

I am now a community college graduate, and I am on my way to pursue a degree at Texas A&M University. My experience at a community college gave me the push I needed to explore myself, what I love, and what university will be the best for me.

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