Why Your Social Media Matters for College Admissions


Maybe you’ve heard your teachers, counselors or parents talking about digital citizenship AKA how to behave online. They aren’t just harping on you because they want you to stop playing games or get off Facebook.  Learning about your digital legacy is actually an important lesson for students and we’re going to take a minute to break down why.

Anything you do online or information you post on the Internet is called your digital footprint. Your digital footprint includes everything from a social media page, to a picture of you posted by a friend or a comment you leave somewhere.

In the world we live in today, you must understand how your digital footprint will affect real life. Potential employers will “Google” your name, your email, etc., to find out more about you. And guess what college admissions offices do now too! A 2015 Kaplan survey found that 40% of college admissions officers admitted to visiting an applicant’s social media page to learn more about them!

It’s vital to start your digital reputation off right, without the missteps of posting a regrettable photo or sharing a questionable article. Employers look at every detail of your profile and what it’s comprised of to get their best idea of who you are socially. Our CEO, Melissa Davis, has some great advice about this on Edutopia. We also know that using GoEnnounce.com is one way to get started.

GoEnnounce is a great tool to effectually manage what you want people to know about you as a student. Since GoEnnounce is an academic social media tool, you can start to control how you are viewed by having a great Student Page profile. Your Student Page will actually show people what you are capable of academically and what your goals are, in digital form!

For example, on your Student Page, you can:

  • Post pictures of grades on papers or tests
  • Upload files, such as papers or assignments you are proud of
  • Share volunteer or extracurricular updates
  • Constantly update your bio, creating a more detailed look of your academic and extracurricular accolades over the course of your student life

Your Followers can comment with words of encouragement and advice. Colleges and employers love seeing you interact with others in a social setting to get a better idea of what you are like. Think of your Student Page as something you would be proud to show a college admissions office or a potential employer.

Because GoEnnounce offers you the ability to publicize your academic career online, you start to leave a positive digital legacy instead of a negative one. Colleges and potential employers will have the ability to visualize you and see more than just a GPA or test score.

Just remember, anything you do online is traceable in a world that is becoming more and more digital. We wouldn’t want something you did as a teenager to come back to haunt you when you are applying for your first job out of college!

Get started making your digital legacy something you’re proud of. Create your GoEnnounce Student Page now.

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8 thoughts on “Why Your Social Media Matters for College Admissions

  1. You have to behave in a respectful manner and not look like your rude and don’t care about anything because other people can see what you post.

  2. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your mother or father to see. Be smart with what you post and don’t ever set yourself up to get in trouble.

  3. post pictures of things that have a positive message or something that you accomplished and don’t be posting pictures of other people and trying to harass them.

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