What To Do When Your Senior Friends Leave

seniors1You’ve spent at least a year with them (sometimes longer) and have most likely been through a lot of ups and downs together. Being friends with seniors has been amazing and has taught you a lot. BUT now it’s time for them to march across that stage, collect their diploma, and start the next chapter. If you’re an underclassman, this time of the year can be really tough and you’re more than likely suffering from a condition known as “Perks Syndrome”.



If you’re unfamiliar with the popular novel or movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, here’s a quick rundown: freshman meets an amazing group of seniors who accept him into their friend group, but their graduation means all his friends are leaving. Sound like what you’re dealing with now? Here’s our advice on making it through.

Stay Positive

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Yes, your friends will be leaving you. That doesn’t mean you have to look at it as you’ll be stuck trudging along after seniors graduate, not to mention for the year(s) of high school left to come. Instead, be happy for your senior friends and the new experiences they are about to encounter. Plus, look at the bright side, you still have a cushion of time until you’re thrown into the real world. Learn to relish it!

Be Supportive

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This is a huge step in life for your senior friends. While they seem to be exuding excitement and portraying a sense of “I can’t wait to leave this place”, trust us, they are nervous and probably even a little scared. This is where you come in! Listen to your senior friends and hear out their fears. Knowing they have your support can help assure them that everything will be okay.


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This is an important point. Sure, your graduating friends will be busy; that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you. Don’t think you constantly have to make contact with them. Have some faith in them; they’ll get back to you when they have the chance. In the mean time, make some time during the summer or before graduation for one last hurrah before they leave. Plus, since you’re from the same hometown they’ll be home several times a year!

If All Else Fails

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We’re kidding! Be friends with whomever you click with. Friendships are one of the most incredible aspects of our existence, and even being separated from them, you’ll still have the memories of all your time together. We also suggest spreading your wings a bit and making more friends (maybe even some underclassmen!). While your senior friends will never be replaceable, there’s always room for a few new friends to make unforgettable memories with!

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So get in those last hugs and wish your seniors the best of luck! And remember, they’ll be home soon!

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