What Kids Really Think About Saving And Paying For College


At GoEnnounce, we help students plan for and track their college experience –  from grades and social activities to finding mentors and financing.  Fall (and college application time) is here, which means it’s a crucial time for high school seniors to consider how they are going to cover the tuition cost of the schools they are applying to. We know planning is important, but wanted to hear what our students really thought about saving and paying for college! We decided to poll our users, and over 2600 hundred students ages 13- 22 responded to our national self selecting survey.

Overwhelmingly –  98% of students (not just parents!) believe it is important so save for college!  Even more, 60% of all students surveyed had already started thinking about saving for college by at least early high school, and 50% of students said they have jobs in high school to pay for college.

By far, most of the advice was simple: save. Put aside everything from birthday money to spare change.

And a majority advised their peers to consider purchases that aren’t necessary and save instead. Starbucks was mentioned 39 times.

These results astonished us because so many students are thinking about saving for college earlier than we assumed. Not only that, but students are being proactive and taking on high tuition costs themselves by working and saving. Check out the results below.


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