Welcome to GoEnnounce: A Letter from the Co-Founders

Co-Founders Melissa (left) and Meghan (right)

Hey, all!  We are so excited to offer you a platform to stay connected with your family and friends about what’s going on in school and get support.  As students, you’re hard to keep up with; that’s why we created GoEnnounce—a place to share your latest education updates with your friends and family.

Maybe you made the honor roll last semester, won an award for your stellar writing skills, need studying tips for your geometry final, or help paying for all of those textbooks. With the new GoEnnounce, you have an outlet to get the support, encouragement, and fundraising assistance you need to succeed.

So how did this all begin? Well, when co-founder Meghan graduated from Florida State University in 2009, she forgot to order graduation announcements to mail out to all her family and friends. When she realized this the weekend of her graduation, she thought, ‘well there’s gotta be a website where she can send online graduation announcements and tell everyone, right?’

No, there wasn’t.

So we (Meghan and sister Melissa) created the original GoEnnounce as a place for students to share news about their graduation, send out free online graduations announcements and build a page to talk about their accomplishments in school.  We were thrilled with the response– family and friends visited students’ grad pages sending congratulations messages and gifts. For the first time, loved ones were learning things they had never known about students’ accomplishments in school.

The support we witnessed made us see that students need a place to share their achievements and goals all the time— and maybe even ask for a little assistance if they need it. It’s not just about getting recognition for graduating, it’s about the journey, and all the achievements and struggles along the way.

We remember our own student days.  Sometimes you’re really proud of an accomplishment, sometimes you’re struggling and could use a little advice, and sometimes you can’t afford to do all the things that make for a well-rounded student.  And we know that the people who care about you want to help.

Being a student is tough, but with GoEnnounce you don’t have to do it on your own. We hope you use GoEnnounce to share what’s going on in school and receive support.

Dream it. “Ennounce” it. Live it!

Meghan & Melissa Davis


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