#VelitaAbroad- A Week in Sicily

By: Velita Stamber


Hi! My name is Velita Stamber and I am a 17-year-old exchange student from Indonesia. I am currently enrolled in AFS (American Field Service) program and living in Italy for one year. I live with a magnificent Italian family who welcomes me as their own child. During my second semester here, I will be sharing stories and insight that I encounter during this amazing experience abroad. And this is my experience…


Italy is not small-the differences between north Italy and south Italy are apparent. AFS Italy has been doing a program called ‘Exchange Week’ for years. So, I went to Sicily, a beautiful island located in the south. I went there for a week and was being hosted by another family despite my host family in the north. They are very nice and so warm. Not only the people, but also the weather! It felt like summer already there; the sun shone bright last week while I was there.

jump on beachWe were in all of us are from the north and we were given this beautiful opportunity to visit and feel the warmth of this exotic Island. My host family lives in Siracusa, a city with a strong culture because it was once an important city in the era of Greece. Our schedules were full, visiting the museums in Siracusa, Taormina, Messina, Noto and then the Antics Theater. The views, especially of the beaches, were unbelievably beautiful. Don’t forget the food! It was super delicious and so authentic. I can say that Sicily stole my heart: I was in love with every place I saw and every food I tasted. I was lucky also because of the family. They are very nice and sincere- I couldn’t leave them. They cried, and obviously, I did too. A week is too short, I know. But even the most beautiful day has to end..food

Well the last day in Siracusa was a multiethnic dinner night. Although we are all from the north of Italy, originally we are not Italian. We are from all over the world. So, the AFS chapter of Siracusa wanted us to cook a typical dishes we eat. I made ‘Nasi Goreng’ with fried chicken. I was so happy that people liked my dish. Also we did a little show about our skills. I sang an Indonesian National Song. I blushed when everyone clapped their hands for my performance. They keep telling me that it was very great. We finished the day and the next day it was the day when we need to go back to the North.


È stata una esperienza indimenticabile. Una settimana in Sicilia. Cultura, sapori e ospitalità.

It was an experience I won’t forget. A week in Sicily. Culture, taste and hospitality.

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