Upromise by Sallie Mae and GoEnnounce E-nnounce Monthly Scholarship Campaign to Help Students Pay for College

Cape Coral, FL Student Awarded $500 As First Recipient of Fund

August 19th, 2014 (New York, New York) –With back-to-school season gearing up, Upromise, the college savings rewards service offered by Sallie Mae, and GoEnnounce, the social platform where students track educational achievements and fundraise for goals, are partnering to help students pay for college.

The “GoEnnounce Yourself” monthly scholarship, sponsored by Upromise will award one student per month $500 for sharing school related updates via their GoEnnounce Student Page which is an academic and extracurricular social network. Scholarship recipients will then have the opportunity to deposit their award into an eligible Upromise  account.

“Upromise encourages families to save for their higher education goals, and we are very excited to offer these scholarships with GoEnnounce as another way for students to receive money towards college,” said Erin Condon, vice president, Upromise by Sallie Mae. “Many families share the dream of higher education, so we are always looking to help them earn free money to prepare for those dreams.”

The first recipient for July is Branden Pearson, a sophomore at Oasis Charter School in Cape Coral, Florida.

While Branden is undecided where he wants to go to school, his choice will represent his passion and dedication towards computers and technology. To help him get there, Branden has not only joined many clubs and kept his GPA up (currently at 4.0); he’s already acing AP exams (he just “ennounced” his AP History score) and he’s a super star volunteer.

In July he shared e-nnouncements that showcased his efforts at a bake sale and car wash with his Model United Nations club, the hours he spent at a local food shelter with Key Club, how he planted 20 trees around his high school campus with his Environmental Club, and his new status as an American Red Cross Youth Volunteer.

GoEnnounce chooses a winner each month based on their student-related e-nnouncements. To have e-nnouncements considered a user must have a completed and active profile. The user is selected by a GoEnnounce team.

“In a time with inflated college tuitions and soaring student debt, our monthly scholarship campaign not only brings awareness to the importance of saving for college but puts the wheels in motion,” said Melissa Davis, the Co-Founder of GoEnnounce. “We’re excited about this scholarship because it’s also the beginning of a larger partnership with Upromise. Soon, students will be able to integrate their Upromise accounts directly to their GoEnnounce Student Pages to further kickstart their college savings.”

Currently, students are able to receive monetary gift ‘rewards’ when they share an ennouncement with their followers (relatives and mentors) via their GoEnnounce Student Page.   Student followers will soon be able to send a ‘reward’ directly into a Upromise account.

Aside from being a student fundraising platform, GoEnnounce also gives students of all ages a place to tell their educational stories, including sharing achievements, projects, and goals. Students begin to create their “digital legacy” in a safe environment that provides mentorship at the same time.

“At GoEnnounce, our goal is to give students a voice and empower them to take control of their education. We’re ecstatic that Upromise feels the same way,” said Davis.

About GoEnnounce:

GoEnnounce is a social platform for students to share their educational stories or fundraise with the family, friends and mentors who can help them reach their academic goals. It is a safe way for students to ‘ennounce’ and track achievements and projects to get the encouragement and financial help they need to succeed. All students’ school and extracurricular updates are saved in a social e-portfolio environment. A student’s followers can provide mentorship by responding with likes, comments or rewards. To learn more, visit: http://www.GoEnnounce.com.

About Upromise:

Upromise by Sallie Mae is free to join and members have earned nearly $850 million in cash back for college. Hundreds of companies have joined forces to help families save money for college through everyday purchases, online shopping, booking travel, or dining out. Rewards can be invested in a 529 college savings plan, used to help pay down an eligible student loan, deposited into a Sallie Mae High Yield Savings Account or requested by check.

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