Ultimate College Checklist and Special Dorm Room Giveaway

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After such long years, it’s finally time. In a couple of week you will be entering your first year of college and it’s completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed. Especially with all the planning, organizing, and the whole “jumping into a new scene” thing. Lucky for you our friends at Dormify have built the ideal, super-detailed college planning guide to help you tackle these next few weeks! This will be your ultimate road-map to success, making your move as smooth as possible. The guide is organized in weekly time frames, so you don’t lose track of time, and includes everything from budgeting to decorating your dorm! To see more of this awesome idea head on over to Dormify’s Ultimate Freshmen Planning Guide. 

Now, as if this wasn’t exciting enough, we have a spectacular surprise coming to you this Tuesday, July 22. While we keep you updated on the checklist objectives for each week, we will also be having some amazing giveaways for you! Make sure you tune back in every week for the opportunity to win some pretty cool prizes to complete your dorm decor!

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