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One of the things you can add to your to-do list this summer is – research study abroad trips! Study abroad programs enable students to get culture, knowledge, and experience all while gaining college credit! Part of being a college student is learning about the world around you and what a better way to experience the world than to tour it! However, a problem that arises for most college students is where to even begin while picking a program or country that’s right for you! Here at GoEnnounce we have some great resources to help make your search and decision on where to study abroad easy and fun:

1.  ISA- International Studies Abroad

ISA provides high quality education abroad opportunities to college students from around the world at an affordable price. On the ISA website you can research all the different types of programs and services that they offer. Some of the amazing countries ISA visits are Brazil, South Korea, Scotland, and more! Visit their website here to take a look at what they have to offer!

2.  A Broader View Volunteers

A Broader View Volunteers offers programs such as short-term international mission trips and long term volunteer projects in countries from South America to Asia! These programs are focused on giving attention to African orphanages, teaching English, medical and dental volunteering, HIV awareness projects, and much more. For more information, visit their website here and see if this is the type of study abroad experience that interests you!

3. is an education focused search engine and one of their favorite categories to help students research, are study abroad programs! They have a variety of study abroad programs that you can explore from Egypt to Chile to Taiwan! The options that are present on Noodle are vast. Take a look here and see if a program here catches your eye!

4. is a an awesome search engine that you can use to explore different programs of your choice. It’s great because you can search by the country you would like to explore, the subject you would like to study, or even start with the a specific program you are looking for! We recommend this search engine for those of you that have a specific type of program or country in mind. Check it out here!

5. is another great search engine for finding and comparing study abroad options. It’s much like, however, has reviews from previous volunteers and/or students who have written about their experiences on the specific program they went on! They also have a range of articles you can read about the programs and even a rating scale, which previous participants have ranked the experience of their journey. Think this is the search engine you’re looking for? Check it out here and let us know what you think!

As you can see, there are some great resources out there for college students to utilize while choosing which study abroad program is the right fit. An important thing to remember during your search is every study abroad program is different, so it’s important to really do your research before picking the first one that looks good! Take some time, explore these sites, and really try to imagine yourself on one of these programs. Maybe the volunteer route will spark your interest or a country you never thought of has a program just for you!

Happy searching!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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