Top Gifts for Dad this Father’s Day!

That’s right, it is that time to start thanking dad for everything he has done for you this year! From driving you to school to fixing the garage door to cooking dinner, dad has been there though it all and it is time for dads all around the world to take a load off and have a day to themselves! And it is our responsibility as the children to get him something unforgettable. At GoEnnounce, we know that to make Father’s Day special for dad this year you need to think of something creative every year, well here are some helpful ideas for gifts you can get dad this year!

1. Make A Scrapbook 

Sure your dad will love to have a new watch or outfit to wear to work tomorrow but making him a scrapbook is something he will treasure for the rest of his life. Start by adding a few photos of when you (and your siblings) were younger and then progress to present day. Looking through this scrapbook on Father’s Day will not only make dad remember how much he has accomplished but also reminiscing about old stories will make it a perfect Father’s Day.

2. Go Camping!

We all know that girls don’t do well in nature, our hair gets frizzy, there are large animals we are terrified of, and there are no bathrooms. Needless to say, camping is not an every day thing for families…anywhere. However, if your dad is one of those dads that loves to go camping or fishing or even mountain climbing, this would be the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a day with his family doing the thing he loves to do. It may not cost you anything but your time, but it will mean a lot to dad that you thought about him!

3. Take Him Out to a Ball Game

Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball or soccer, there’s one other thing dads hold dear in their hearts other than family: sports teams. Sweep him off the couch and drag him to a ball game pitting his favorite team against a rival and watch as he channels his appreciation for the gift into energy dedicated to bringing down the other team. It doesn’t have to be for this weekend, but you can still surprise him with tickets (maybe even season tickets). To top it all off, afterwards, go out for a nice steak dinner.

4. Party. Party. PARTY! 

Why not throw dad and his friends (who are also dads) a surprise party? This would not only be a great way to spend Father’s Day, it would also allow you to live out your inner fantasy of being an event planner. Gather all the dad’s and send them out to have some time with their friends and when they return, surprise them all with a party at your house! It will be a memory that he will treasure forever!

Buying gifts is one way to tell dad you appreciate him, but showing him how much you appreciate him would mean a lot more to him. More than what money can buy. So try out these ideas this Father’s Day and see what dad has to say!

At GoEnnounce, we are wishing you all a Happy Father’s Day weekend!

Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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