Top Apps To Have This School Year

Here are some apps that will help you get organized, keep track of money, overcome language barriers even help with discovering colleges!

For every student…

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 Lanaguages Galore

  • Duolingo: Having a hard time learning and studying in your language class? Turn learning into a game with Duolingo! This app makes learning a new language “fun and addictive”. You’ll be speaking in no time! Available on the web, Andriod, and iOS
  • Sticking with English? Use this app to stay on top of your vocab and look up pesky words in seconds. Also, enjoy features such as thesaurus and their daily crossword puzzle! Available on Android and iOS

Organizational Hacks

  • Evernote – Tired of searching everywhere for your notes? This app saves all your study notes, whether they be in formats such text, audio, or photos. Also, you can retrieve them from anywhere to study! Available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Todoist – Bored of pen & paper? This app saves you time by allowing you to create a neat, organized To Do list. It also allows you to track your productivity levels, as well as how long your tasks have been due. Available on Windows, iOS, Android

 Running low on space?

  • Google Drive – Looking forward to a lot of class discussions and projects? Google Drive allows you to have 15gb of space to store pictures, files, and videos. It also allows for collaboration on projects through Google Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Plus, all your files are stored in a secured cloud. Available on Android, web, iOS, Windows, and more
  • Dropbox – Don’t have a google account? Dropbox functions similar to Google Drive, but is more of a storage app, allowing you to retrieve your documents from anywhere, and offers more simplicity. Never lose your files again! Available on  Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

High School Apps for the masses


Comprehension Problems

  • Sparknotes– Need help with homework or assigned readings? This app has your back! Sparknotes offers a ton of help understanding Shakespeare, classical books, as well as school subjects. Available on Android & iOS 

Homework Help

  • The Homework App – Tired of planners, but need a way to keep track of your schedule? Look no further than The Homework App! This app uses an extremely simple, yet chic design, allowing you to view your tasks, classes, and calendar at once. Available on iOS 
  • Graphing Calulator – You will probably need a graphing calculator to finish your Calculus homework, but before you invest 100 or more dollars in one, try this app for only $2! Plug in equations, create graphs, and all that you need in this simple but effective calculator alternative!
    Available on Andorid, Kindle, and Nook download here

College bound help

  • – Looking for colleges that will best fit you? This app has an some amazing features, such as discovering colleges that would fit your personality based on fun quizzes! Available for iOS

Apps helpful to the college student

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What professor should I pick?

  • Rate My Professor– With the freedom to choose your own professors, wouldn’t it make your life easier if you could find reviews of those professors? This app allows you to view all the reviews for a professor from their previous students! Available on iOS. 

Don’t know how to organize classes and all that comes with it

  • Examtime – Need a way to organize all your college classes? Examtime is a great app to use to keep those organized, as well as to create mindmaps, flashcards, and study groups! Available for Android and iOS. 
  • Grades – Keep track of all your classes, exam grades, homework, quizzes and due dates! Grades is the perfect application to have all of your grades in one platform. It’ll show you what you need in upcoming assignments to reach your goal, plus it calculates your GPA along the way! Available on iOS

Coping with homesickness

  • Skype – Worried about getting homesick? Stay connected with family and friends through skype! Skype helps you stay in the know through group chats, voice calls, and even video calls. Availiable on iOS, Android, Windows, and more. 

Money Savers for gas,books,and everyday shopping


  • Gas Buddy – Simply open up this app and find the closest gas stations with the lowest price! You can search by area or by price, with this app you can make sure you save those extra few cents that eventually start adding up. Available on Android and iOS.
  • BigWords – Nobody wants to spend over 200 dollars on books and BigWords is the ideal app to help you save the most amount possible! You can scan the barcode of the book you need, or search by title, author, or ISBN and BigWords will give you the cheapest price around. You could even search for some coupons! Available on Android and iOS.
  • Mint – Keep track of all of your financial activities on all of your accounts with this simple, yet effective app! Every transaction is recorded and categorized, plus it’s personalized, it will create a budget for you after making note of your spending patterns. Available on Android and iOS.
  • RetailMeNot – Find and save thousands of coupons for all of your favorite stores, from Target, Forever 21, and Starbucks! You can also search for deals for near stores. Don’t worry about printing anything, simply show your phone at the register for them to scan!
  • Chegg  – Don’t go wasting hundreds of dollars on textbooks this semester! Chegg makes it easy to find and rent all the textbooks you will need! Convenient and fun to use for all your books needs. Available on Android and iOS.
  • NextGenVest – Need some guidance when it comes to manging money whether it be student discounts, balancing a checkbook or what type of account to have. NextGenVest is here for you to give you the money mentor with small courses to learn how to be smart about your money, so visit their site.

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