Top 5 Tips To Survive Finals




  • Have a game plan: Yes, this means actually sitting down and making a schedule! Create an outline of when each final/project is due and when/how long you will work on this subject per day. The hardest part will be sticking to it but trust us, this tip will pay off!


  • Try not to stress out too much: If you’re not already tempted to crawl in a hole due to anxiety, the stress will come. Not only will planning ahead help with minimizing this stress but daily de-stressors such as exercise, a walk outside, a quick call to a friend, or just taking a big DEEP breath will be sure to give your mind the (short) break it needs.  




  • Remember to take study breaks: Studying nonstop for hours can feel like the solution to your anxieties about studying for finals but it’s not! Periodic study breaks will keep you sane and focused on the subject at hand. We suggest taking about a 5 minute break every hour.. Breaks can consist of scrolling through social media or a quick snack whatever it is, don’t overload your brain.


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  • Reward yourself:  Studying is a difficult task whether you enjoy it or not and therefore to keep you motivated during this time, reward yourself. Each day set new goals and have a reward for each one you accomplish!  It could be as simple as making or having your favorite dish for dinner who you have completed your studying for the day. Or it could be indulging in that chocolate bar after a few hours of studying just keep it interesting. By rewarding yourself you help to keep yourself on track and ready for whatever is next besides after studying you certainly deserve to eat that candy.



  • Simply do your best, that’s all you can do: When it comes to exams it can be defeating and overwhelming if you don’t feel prepared or just know a subject has a lot of information it seems impossible to remember. Don’t fret when going into that exam be confident that you studied and prepared as much as possible and will do your best. Just because something seems daunting don’t give up on it but ace that exam and come out knowing that regardless of what information you could remember or not you did your best.



Good luck!!

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