Top 5 Tips to Starting Your College Search

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If you’re a Sophomore, Junior, or (especially) Senior in high school, you may have started thinking about where you want to go to college, what you want to study, and what you value in your continuing education.

You probably also have a lot of questions. Where do you start? How do you find the right college for you? We have 5 tips to get you to on the right track to finding the best fit for your future.

1. Talk to your guidance counselor.

They’re there to help you. Set up an appointment to talk about your options, and get some ideas from them about schools that could be a good fit. Your counselor will also be able to help you get on top of your SAT’s and high school studies to prepare you for application time.

2. Talk to your parents, siblings, and college-aged students

The best people to talk to about college are people who have been there before. Even if your parents didn’t go to college, reach out to some older students—family, friends, or high school alumni who are currently in college or graduated already. They can share their experience with you and help you understand if their school is a good fit. Don’t forget to use to get some advice from your community of followers.

3. Start researching.

There are plenty of online guides and books that can give you more information about schools around the world. Check out Noodle. org, US News Education, College Xpress, and Princeton Review for more information. You should also visit sites like College Prowler to see reviews and participate in community discussion with other students who actually attend the schools you are interested in.  Lastly, make sure to visit the schools’ website!

4. Learn More About Yourself.

What kind of student are you? What’s your learning style? What do you like to do? Make sure you’re looking for schools that fit that. If you learn best in a small group, a large university might not be best for you. If you’re an athlete, a school with athletics is a must!

5. Start Visiting

The best way to see if a college is a good fit for you is to visit the campus. Take advantage of school tours and seminars. Talk to some of the students, professors, and admissions staff. Learning more about the school in person will help you make a decision.

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