Top 5 Tips to Pick Your Class Schedule for Next Year

happy-class-registration-and-let-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favorThe end of the school year is in sight! That means it’s time to get ready for next year, and the dreaded task of class scheduling awaits. How do you choose which classes to take? There’s so much pressure! Relax, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips to make your schedule next year the best it can be.

1) Requirements


This should be the foremost in your mind: what do I need to graduate? You don’t want to get to senior year and find out you missed a class as a freshman. If you’re unsure of your school’s requirements, take a visit to your guidance counselor.

2) Talk to your teachers

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Your current teachers have known you for a whole semester now. They also know your work habits and may have picked up on your strengths and weaknesses along the way. Take some time to talk to your current teachers.  They will have great advice about classes they recommend for you to take next year.

3) Interests

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What are you interested in the most? Chances are that’s the class you’ll have the most fun in and be the least likely to skip (ahem, senioritis). Don’t take a class like Intro to Computer Programing if the thought of it makes you fall asleep; don’t take Early Childhood Education if you don’t like teaching or working with kids. Are you an Instagram legend? Try a photography class. There actually are elective classes that relate to the interests you have! Take some time to think about what excites you and choose those classes. When the topics spark your interest, studying and class projects will be fun and result in a better GPA 🙂

4) Advanced Placement Classes

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Want to impress college admissions? Challenge yourself in high school! AP classes and the IB program are intensive studies, with tests at the end of the course to qualify for college credit. This can save you time and money in college, and the rigor will leave you better prepared. Some schools offer either AP or IB, or sometimes both, but may not offer every course available. Talk to your guidance counselor to find out what our school offers. If you’re having trouble deciding between AP or IB, read this article for help.

5) College

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High school is preparing you for college. Have you already thought about potential colleges you might want to attend?  To make the most out of your years in high school, check what classes the colleges you’re looking at require. A quick search on the colleges’ website will show you what they require, and may even offer some suggested high school courses.  This forward thinking will ensure a better chance at acceptance into the college of your dreams!

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