Top 5 Tips to Ace Your Internship Interview

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Congrats! You’ve scored an interview for that summer internship you’ve been looking for. Getting a call or email to come in and meet their team is half the battle. Now that you’ve got this far, you’ve got to ace that interview and seal the deal. Here are top five tips to get you the job.

1. Do your research. Make sure you know the company inside and out. Spend some time reviewing their website, and read every page you can find. If they have a blog or social media pages, read those too to get a sense of the company’s culture.

2. Look the part. You want to look professional and capable for the job. If it’s very corporate, make sure you have a simple suit to wear. If it’s a more creative field, dress up, but incorporate some color and stylish pieces to fit their look. Dress modestly!

3. Prepare some good questions. When you’re researching, jot down some questions you might have about the company and the specific role. It’s your opportunity to get more clarification.

4. Know why you’ll be an asset. What skills can you contribute? Are you a good writer? Very organized? Have good attention to detail? Know your strengths and be ready to tell them.

5. Write a thank you note. After the interview, send your interviewer a nice, hand-written thank you note for his or her time. It goes much further than a quick email!

Need more tips? Ask the community for advice. Good luck—you’ve got this!

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