The Ultimate College Bucket List

Everyone wants to make the most of their time in college, so why not have a bucket list of things to do before you graduate. Here’s a list of what we think you should include on your college bucket list!

1. Pull An All Nighter

Embrace the all night studying marathon that’s bound to happen at some point during your college career. Some tips – be sure to have these snacks to keep your brain sharp. Also, pulling an all nighter with friends, can help keep you awake!

2. Study Abroad

Ask anyone who’s studied abroad to list one of their favorite college experiences. 9 out of 10 will say STUDYING ABROAD! DO IT! International Studies Abroad (ISA) has a great selection of programs to get your mind thinking about where you might want to go.  A big deterent to studying abroad can often be the cost. Start a fundraising Mission to help you reach this goal. You might even get sponsored by our friends at Abroad101!

3. Join A Club

Do more than just attend classes. Joining clubs is a great way to make friends and boost your resume. If joining an academic organization or becoming part of greek life doesn’t excite you, don’t worry there’s tons of outside the box clubs like these – 11 Weirdest College Clubs You Didn’t Know Existed.

4. Make Dean’s List

Let’s face it, school is hard work and it’s nice to be recognized for your efforts.  Challenge yourself to make the Dean’s List at least once or even multiple times throughout your college career!

5. Show School Spirit

College students L.O.V.E. showing off their school pride. At your school’s next sporting event be the one to start  the wave, your school’s chant or the fight song, like these students Utah State University’s basketball game!

6. Attend An On Campus Show Or Concert

Take advantage of all the culture happenings on your campus. Art exhibits, music concerts, dance shows, theatre. You name it. It’s happening all around you. And most of the time these are put on by your fellow students. Show some support, you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it!

7. Volunteer

Every college student should give back at least once, if not more, to their college community. Check the volunteer programs offered at your school.  Tutoring or coaching at a local elementary, middle, or high school is always a great option!

8. Befriend A Professor

Definitely one of the most underrated things to accomplish while you’re in college! Getting on a professor’s good side will not only help you in your current class but also your future career.  They will become lifelong mentors.  Also, professors are VERY connected and can potentially open a lot of doors for you.

9. Learn To Cook

Your college dining hall pass only last for so long. Living on takeout isn’t healthy or cheap. Use some of your free time to learn how to cook! Take classes or join clubs that are geared towards cooking and nutrition. Another idea – unleash your inner chef and try, where recipes, instructions, ingredients are mailed directly to your door weekly!

10. Land A Summer Internship

Internships will help you gain insight on life after college and offer invaluable experience to the future career path you are exploring. Most departments have a career center and can help guide you to find an internship.  Also, check out our friends at YouTern. They have a great database of internships to find the best opportunity for you. Once you land that summer internship be sure to check out these tips on how to turn it into a job!

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