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Still undecided as to what college or university you will be attending after graduation? Or maybe you have your eyes on one, but can’t decide if is’s actually the right school for you. To make this decision a little less complicated, we have compiled a list of the top ranking universities based on personality, lifestyle, and major!

For the foodies

Whether you’re into healthy eating, fine dining, cooking competitions, culinary arts or just like food in general; these schools ranked the highest when it comes to culinary cuisine.

  • University of California – Berkeley
    Located at the San Francisco Bay, University of California, Berkeley, offers students one of the most outstanding undergraduate programs in the world at a public school prize. They stand by their farm-to-table initiative, only purchasing environmentally friendly items for their students. It stands with an acceptance rate of 22%. Fun fact: Children’s author Beverly Cleary graduated from UC Berkeley.
  • Occidental College
    Based in Los Angeles, California, Occidental College is loaded with diverse opportunities for every student. It hosts the popular “Oxy Iron Chef” a school-wide cooking competition, where students can face-off, enjoy some food, and have fun! The liberal arts college is well known for its diverse undergraduate student body.
  • Grinnell College
    This college located in Iowa has a lot to offer to its students. It offers a Culinary Intern Program, giving students hands-on experience in various sides of the food service industry. Grinnell has a busy social scene, offering a number of activities/organizations for everyone’s liking!
  • Virginia Tech
    Where students are encouraged to invent the future, Virginia tech is known for its background in the sciences. Freshmen are required to live on campus, but this only means it puts them in close proximity to the recently renewed $35M dinning hall. Students have the option to fine dine, order steak and lobster, some gelato, or get some Pizza Hut from the on-campus chain restaurants.


For the bookworms

These universities offer the best libraries; which promise amazing campus experiences, provide rare and stunning books, as well as fantastic campus views for those long study days! 

  • Yale University – Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library 
    Located in New Haven, Connecticut, this library is not only used by Yale faculty and students but also by scholars from all over for research due to the extensive collection of rare books and literature available. They have 180,000 books located in the tower and 600,000 in the underground stacks, for an amazing total of 780,000 books!
  • Johns Hopkins University – George Peabody Library 
    Known as one of the most beautiful libraries, which features their atrium, located in Baltimore Maryland. Featuring a black and white marble floor and a skylight framework that is sixty-one feet above the floor. This library is open to the public, including the 300,000 speciality books collection; which includes exploration, travel, british literature, architecture, and religion!
    John Hopkins
  • Cornell University – Uris Library
    This library was designed by William Henry Miller, who was Cornell’s first architecture student! It includes 8 million print books, 71,000 cubic feet of various manuscripts, and over 1 million ebooks. It has an attached bell tower, which is a symbol of Cornell University, dedicated to research and learning.
  • University of California, San Diego – Geisel Library 
    With its unique and fun architecture design, this library offers materials dealing with arts, area studies, engineering, marine sciences, social sciences and many others. It’s well known collections include the Dr. Seuss Collection, with 8,500 items from Dr. Seuss achievements, this collection contains much more than just his books. It includes original sketches, drawings, audiotapes, notebooks, manuscript drafts and much more!

For the outdoor explorers

Does hiking up some mountains, skiing, practicing archery or fishing sound like fun? Check out these schools to get a real taste of nature, plus some breathtaking scenery!

  • Bowdoin College
    Located in Brunswick, Maine this college is two hours away from the Appalachian Trail and within striking distance of white water rafting and climbing. It also offers arctic programs, for those interested in exploring the arctic, and many classes involve working in the field. Bowdoin’s Outing Club also hosts over 100 excursions, for a large variety of outdoor activities.


  • Evergreen College
    Beaches, hiking trails, biking and kayaking are some of the many opportunities at Evergreen college, which is located on 100+ acres of forest in Olympia, Washington. An hour up north you will find Olympic National Park and to the east you come across skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Students can also get involved in community gardens and on-campus organic farming!
  • University of Alaska
    Even though it can get cold in Fairbanks, Alaska, this university includes an experimental farm, research opportunities with NOAA and the International Volcanological Field School. A variety of outdoor activies include kayaking, archery, parkour, ski club, and alpine, among others. University of Alaska provides valuable research, education and amazing recreational activities.
  • Humboldt State University
    Located in Arcata, California, this university is within reach of mountains, beaches, and redwood forests. Humboldt University features an on campus fishery and one of the most diverse greenhouses in California. Countless outdoor clubs and outings are offered, such as skiing, rock climbing, cycling, surfing… just to name a few. If you wish to explore on your own, the rocky beaches of the NorCal coast and the Redwood National Forest are only minutes away!

For the creative students

College isn’t always about lectures and books. If you are looking to get creative, these schools provide you with the opportunity to get bring your artsy side to life, in the classroom! 

  • Rhode Island School of Design
    Their learning style is definitely hands-on! However, it’s not only a school for art majors, given that a lot of students are also majoring in philosophy, education, and english. The school’s president John Maeda, has stated that he believes a creative background can prove beneficial no matter what career path your choose. Students attending RISD also have the opportunity to participate in a dual-degree program with Brown University, creating a more well-rounded educational experience.


  • Brown University
    Often distinguished as the most creative of the Ivies, students at Brown University are fully able to explore and discover their creative interests. Aside from one writing assignment, there is no curriculum and the students have the opportunity to work with some of the best professors in the country. Students are also given the opportunity to implement change in Brown and the community, with help of the Student Creative Arts Council; a board of students from various art-related departments.
  • Emerson College
    Home of the EVVY Awards, this college located in Boston, Massachusetts hosts the largest student-run, multi-camera award show in the nation. The EVYYs have become nationally recognized and students are given the unique opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and put it towards a real life project, all within their own campus!
  • Eugene Lang College: The New School For Liberal Arts
    This unique school in New York, New York has a student-directed curriculum. Now, this doesn’t mean that the students make all the decisions, it simply means that undergraduates are not required to take general education courses. Students spend their first two years exploring all topics that interest them before deciding on a major!

For the computer geeks

Is your ultimate dream to design and build all those pretty cool gadgets? Then you must take a look at some of the best schools for computer science majors!

  • Georgia Institute of Technology
    With all programs ranked nationally in the top 10, Georgia Tech is a great choice for those interested in engineering. In addition to its national ranking, Georgia Tech is rated 11th internationally. Women and other underrepresented minorities receive the highest number of engineering degrees in the country at Georgia Tech, according to the American Society of Engineering in Education. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Tech has rich history, culture, and entertainment when you need a break from studying.
  • California Institute of Technology
    Located in beautiful Pasadena, Ca, Cal Tech is tied with Georgia Tech for 4th Best Engineering Undergrad program by US News and World Report. Think engineering means all work and no play? You’re wrong! Cal Tech and M.I.T. have a long standing rivalry which can be marked by its prank war. From handing out t-shirts to unsuspecting freshmen to attempting to construct a TARDIS, the Cal Tech-M.I.T. rivalry is an interesting one.
  • University of California at Berkeley
    Yes, they are in our list twice! Situated overlooking the San Francisco Bay, this university provides its students with more than 1,000 organizations. Also, UC Berkeley dominates when it comes to mid-career pay at an estimate of $141,000 salary. When it comes to short-term expenses and long-term earnings this is a university that just cannot be beat.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    MIT’s mascot is a beaver, which was chose for the school for its remarkable engineering and mechanical skills and its habit of industry. Located in Cambridge across the Charles River in downtown Boston, this school ranks at number 1 for undergraduate computer science and engineering degrees. In January, between fall and spring semester their four week “Independent Activities Program” takes place, offering students special courses, lectures, competitions, and prizes!

For the happiest student life

Great people, great schools, and great cities! These schools are a win-win all around!

  • University of Texas at Austin
    An original public ivy and the largest university in Texas, UT Austin has the largest endowment than any other public university in the nation. With an acceptance rate of 47%, it is situated in a youthful and active city, with a reasonable cost of living for students. Austin’s hot music scene can be heard and celebrated through KUTX, the university’s radio station.
  • University of California at Los Angeles
    One of the most selective public universities in the country, UCLA gets more freshmen applicants than any other, with an acceptance rate of 22%. The university also hold an outstanding global reputation in both academics and athletics. UCLA was home too many actors such as George Takei, Leonardo DiCaprio, and James Franco.
  • Texas A&M University
    Located in the youthful town of College Station, TX which has an exceptionally low cost of living. Texas A&M offers a full-need, no-loan financial aid package to Texas students from families making less than $60K a year. It has a higher acceptance rate, at 69%. Texas A&M is one of six Senior Military Colleges, colleges which have specially recognized ROTC units, with a Corps of Cadets more than 2,550 strong.

Happy college searching!

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