The Best Back-To-School Shopping Tips

August has arrived…which also means, it’s time to start thinking about back to school! Majority of high school and college students will be leaving behind summer days to head back to the classroom for yet another successful school year. To get prepared for this inevitable event it’s time to hit the shops for back to school clothes, supplies, and electronics. Here’s how to conquer this task efficiently and affordably!


With all of the technology these days, laptops, tablets, and phones are now vital school supplies. Especially for those of you headed to college because you’ll be using these devices to take notes in class, to complete assignments, for entertainment after class and everything in between. Be on the search for electronics that save time, money and space. Competition between retailers and manufacturers is high during August, making it the best month to buy these most expensive gadgets. Some stores offer special deals for students such as BestBuy College Student Deals, Apple Store for Education, and Lenovo Student Discount Program for discounted tablets, laptops and more!


Whether you wear a uniform or not, it’s likely you’ll need a few closet upgrades to add to your closet. We’re all aware what’s trending and like to keep up as much as possible, but it’s also very important to remember you can look “on fleek” on a budget!  If you find a trendy shirt somewhere that’s cheaper than the popular brand, save yourself some money instead of going with popularity! You’ll not only look great regardless but trust us, that extra money can come in handy later. Timing is key here; check out your favorite stores early and compare prices. There will be plenty of sales going around but don’t wait until peak time; stores will raise prices during the peak so beat them to it! You can go watch some “back-to-school hauls” on YouTube like Bethany Mota’s School Outfit Ideas or Rashnu’s Back to School Haul to get the latest trends and pricing ideas! Also, stores such as H&MForever 21, and Urban Oufitters usually have “back-to-school sales” so keep an eye out for those!


This includes all the basics such as pencils, backpacks, pens, paper, notebooks and so on. Shopping for supplies is probably the easiest but the money can quickly add up if you don’t keep an eye out. Most big stores (Walmart, Target, Office Depot, Staples) will usually have really good sales weeks before the first day of classes, you just have to be on the lookout! With some sales you can get pencils for as little as a penny each or stacks of paper for 80 cents! If you have old supplies laying around try to utilize as much of it as possible during the first few weeks of school! Why? Basic school supplies usually drop a significant amount as soon as September rolls in. By this time stores want to get rid of everything left meaning more sales for you! For some quirky and “non-ordinary” supplies check out retailers like poppin, Urban OutfittersSeltzer Goods, and Yoobi or have a look through this article to get some fun inspiration!


Making a budget and list for the back-to-school shopping quest is probably your best plan to have a stress-free trip. Before heading out take a look around your room and see what you need to buy and what you can re-use from last year. Remember to list your priorities; what you truly need should come before what you want, but with a well-planned budget you could incorporate a little “treat” in there. If you’re heading off to college you can check out this ultimate planning guide so you don’t miss anything important. Best of luck this back to school season!

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