The Benefits of Being a Well-Rounded Student

Now that school has started, we have one question… how well-rounded are you? Even if you’re a great student academically, you may not be the most well-rounded student if you aren’t getting involved. So how can it help you? Here are a few ways adding some extracurricular activities can improve your educational experience.

1. Improve your resume

Obviously the more well-rounded you are with activities like sports, drama, student council, Newspaper, etc., the more you will have to add to your resume. That doesn’t mean you have to participate in everything, but it will look great if you invest yourself in a couple different activities.

2. Make friends

Joining a club or sport is a great way to meet people. Think about it—you may have not had the opportunity to meet certain people if you never got involved. Plus, you can bond with your newfound friends over your common interest.

3. Become a leader

By excelling in a group activity, you’ll have the opportunity to become a leader—maybe team captain, student council vice president, or the chairperson in your sorority. Leadership is a skill you’ll use for years to come.

4. Learn discipline

If you practice a sport, musical instrument, or some other skill, you’ll gain discipline and learn how to manage your time and get along with other people. Who knew being part of a soccer team could make you a better person?

5. Stay busy

Being busy isn’t a bad thing! With more on your plate, you won’t have any time to be bored. It will also prepare you for your post-grad life, when things are bound to get more hectic.

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