Technology VS. Teachers

Have you ever felt that teachers always think you are on Facebook in class when all you’re really trying to do is take notes on your computer? It’s not only you! This occurs to most students who go to school all across the world, largely due to the gap in generations. Where as the older generation, Generation X, thinks the best way to take notes is using paper and pencils, we, Generation Y, know better. The best way to take notes is on your electronic device. Whether it is a tablet or computer, here are some reasons why computers should be allowed in the classroom:

1. Clean and Coherent Notes

Lets face it – we all hate the people with the perfect penmanship because they are the only ones with legible notes! Some of our handwriting is not all that readable, however, typing seems to be a better way to be able to study notes and also share notes with other students. It would be much better than standing at the photocopy machine for an hour!

2. We’re not Always on Facebook

Contrary to popular belief, we are not always on Facebook while we are in class. Sure the tab may be open, but not all of us are scrolling through the latest posts. Facebook is like the new version of doodling. Instead of taking a break in the middle of class to doodle, we scroll through Facebook. Once we have had a little break, we resume to take notes on the class and continue paying attention.

3. Multi-Tasking is Good

With the use of laptops and tablets in school, we are able to multi-task. We can take notes, while simultaneously researching what the teacher is talking about online. Maybe we didn’t understand the point the teacher was trying to make so we research more about it online. Perhaps maybe we forgot to send in the homework online the night before, and it is due by the end of this class period. Instead of leaving the classroom to go to the computer lab and send it, we would be able to do it right in the classroom without rudely getting up and leaving.

4. Helps Our Future

With every passing day our generation is evolving, through technology. By capping our rights to use technology, is in essence limiting us! We should be able to keep up with changes in technology by using it and learning how to use it on a daily basis. Especially since every job that hires employees in todays day and age uses a computer.

The first step is acknowledging that there is a changing environment and teachers will have to learn to accept that students will have to start using technology in the classroom at some point. Not for fun, but to encourage development and growth. Computers and tablets are becoming he new notebook and pencil, the best way to deal with this change is to accept it!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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