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App-collageAs a student, it can be hard to balance school and extracurricular activities. On top of that, it is becoming increasingly important for everyone to understand and be up-to-date with international news, in a world that is filled with constant discussion and debate about how we can solve the world’s problems. However, being young and busy is not an ideal recipe for a person that is constantly wanting to be updated of world events. That is why we have put together a list of websites and phone applications that can give you quick, optimal, and easy-to-read briefings on the latest news.

Student News Daily is a website intended to break down complex issues and articles about political, social, economic, and foreign issues so that people of any age can fully grasp new ideas and events. You can subscribe to their site to receive any answers to questions that you and other students may have had about a particular contemporary topic.

Skimm acts as an email newsletter and/or App that does the extensive reading of long articles for you. With a subscription to Skimm, you can receive daily updates that provide you with summaries about the worldwide news that is trending online discussion.

NYT Now The New York Times now has an app that is able to send you push notifications that give you updates on what is going on in the world in real time. NYT Now is the most efficient way to gather information about the news that is being discussed in national popular media from the worldview of the New York Times.

Slate is the best app for a magazine to look at on your phone, especially when you are on the go. It is designed to be visually ideal for a smart phone, but it still provides extensive information and news about a variety of popular topics such as Podcasts, News and Politics, Entertainment, etc.

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