Spring Break on Chesapeake Bay

Cassandra filming while on spring break in Chesapeake.

By Cassandra Heikkila, sophomore at American University

Imagine this: It’s 9:45 PM and our restaurant closes at 10. It’s freezing cold, dark, rainy, our tents had flooded, our clothes were soaked, and our van was now stuck in the mud, with no hope of getting dinner.

If you asked me if I would do it all again, my answer would be an instant yes.

My alternative spring break to Chesapeake Bay might not sound as exciting as going to Cancun or Miami, Punta Cana or Puerto Rico. And while everything did not go according to plan at all, it was one of the most fun and enlightening times of my life. Basically, it was awesome.

I chose to go on an alternative spring break to gain more experience in film, my new major. Mostly I wanted to know if film was really for me after switching my major nine times. When I heard there was an opportunity to film an environmental wildlife documentary on Chincoteague Island, I jumped at the chance.  In the coming weeks I raised the money to go using GoEnnounce.com, bought a backpack and a flashlight, packed up my clothes and I thought I was ready. But then my friends started telling me what their spring breaks were going to be: road trips, concerts, seeing their friends and family at home, I started to regret the whole trip. I even considered not going. But, my fee was already paid. I had to go.

And, I’m so thankful I did. I not only learned how to use a professional video camera, sound equipment, and how to edit a film all through hands on experience, I got to see some pretty amazing things and make some equally as amazing friends and mentors.  I now know film is exactly where I belong in the world.

Now imagine this: Walking on a beach filming B-roll of waves crashing when a herd of wild ponies trot right behind you creating the perfect shot. Or seeing the sunset on an embankment in the middle of a wetland, with Sika Elk grazing next to you. Or getting up at 4:30 AM just to capture the sunrise over the bay.  This was my spring break. What will yours be?

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