College Admissions: How Social Media Helps Students Stand Out

Your personal online brand helps emphasize what you can contribute to a future employer! It’s important to maintain a positive reputation online if you intend to be a candidate for a job, scholarship or to even get accepted into a college program. These days, search engines make it easy to find information about anyone or anything. It’s crucial to make sure your personal search results are the best they can be.

Houston NBC reported on the importance of online branding for students in their article, “How Is College Admission Being Affected by Social Media.” Senior Executive Producer Aaron Wische discusses how common it is for college admission representatives to evaluate students based on how they behave online.

“Students should be using certain social media sites to showcase their talents, while avoiding controversial posts that could ruin their chances for admission,” states Wische.

  • 70% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals have rejected candidates based on information they found online.

  • Of all executive recruiters, 90% say they conduct online research of potential candidates.


In addition to creating a positive digital footprint for both college and career, it’s important to stand out with a promising online reputation. To beat the competition, you’ll need to be a prominent choice among other applicants!

Motivational speaker and 11th grade US History and American Literature teacher Michelle Clark speaks about the importance of your online reputation in her video, “Digital Footprints” at a Tedx Conference. She recited a spoken word piece about the potential consequences of “ungated” thoughts and actions online.

“Our every interface on a digital device is recorded somewhere and you better believe that there’s a price. It is not enumerated in dollars and cents; it’s a more constant currency in the form of a digital footprint,” Clark says.

How to Kickstart Your Personal Online Brand:

These days if you’re “private” everywhere, people question do you exist. Consider leaving some social media channels “public” that represent your unique interests, accomplishments and goals.  For example, if you’re into photography and design this could be an Instagram account, where you protect yourself by never sharing your location or personal info.

Use GoEnnounce, to display your academic achievements, including club involvement, scholarships and prestigious extracurricular activities. Additionally, remember to include any skills you could offer a future employer.

Find more suggestions on how to create a positive digital footprint by visiting our blog.

Take advantage of your digital footprint and use it to positively differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition!

Happy e-nnouncing!

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