#SamAbroad – Making The Most of My Last Days in Prague

By: Samantha Auerbach

Hi! My name is Sam, and I am a junior at Emory University studying Economics and Mathematics. Currently, I am abroad in Prague, Czech Republic on a CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) program. Throughout the semester I will be sharing my personal experiences with academics in a new setting, the amazing sights Prague offers, cultural differences between Americans and Europeans, and my travels to other countries throughout Europe.  Feel free to follow along with my posts on Twitter using the hashtag #SamAbroad.

I can’t believe I’m writing my last blog post on my flight back to New York. My last few weeks were exciting, as I finished crossing everything off my bucket list. But they were also busy, since I had to fit in enough time to study for my finals.

I wanted to make sure that I saw that all Prague has to offer, so I made a list of places I wanted to visit. I went to the Kafka museum a few days ago, which told the history of Franz Kafka, the famous Czech writer. I also spent an afternoon painting pottery, which was a great study break, and it will also be nice to take back with me. One of my favorite things I did was seeing The Nutcracker; my program provided us with tickets at Prague’s National Theater. In my last few days I also made sure to return to my favorite restaurants and sites that I discovered throughout the semester. This morning I went to the farmers’ market outside my dorm for the last time. It was very bittersweet walking along the Charles’ Bridge one last time.

The Nutcracker at Prague's National Theater
The Nutcracker at Prague’s National Theater

While I made sure to keep busy exploring Prague and spending time with my friends before we had to say goodbye, it was also important to set aside enough time for studying. Many students on my program are taking the classes as pass/fail, but I had to take mine for grades that will factor into my GPA. So, while it was tough to stay focused during the last week of school, I tried to stay motivated. During final’s week, I made a schedule so that I would spend enough time focusing on my classes. I went to different cafes so that I wouldn’t get bored of the setting, and taking a walk outside to a near Christmas market always served as a great break.

Christmas Markets in Old Towns Square
Christmas Markets in Old Town Square
Colorful Prague Buildings
Colorful Prague Buildings

Now that I am just a few hours away from touching down in New York, I have reflected on my past four months. I am extremely lucky to have been able to live and study in the Czech Republic, as well as travel to several European cities. I have also learned a lot in my classes, and I studied topics that I otherwise wouldn’t have at school in the U.S. I can’t wait to see my family and friends when I get home, but I am also excited to keep in touch with the friends I made this semester. Thanks for following me all semester and my adventures in Prague!

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