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E-nnouncements –  You do awesome things, share them!

The “how to’s” of writing a compelling e-nnouncement is important. Here are some tips to follow in order to make sure that you’re e-nnoucement is perfect!

Your e-nnouncement can only include 1 attachment. It’s important to pick one file, photo, or video that creates the BEST representation of what you’re e-nnouncing. Your attachment by itself already says a lot, just add good short description to it. If you don’t have an image, you can write an e-nnoucement with a longer description. But always go right to the point, sharing your recent accomplishment or progress update. Ask for advice if you need it! Your Followers are there to give you feedback and will enjoy helping you along the way.

Be sure to use proper grammer, write in complete sentences and use one good quality photo that’s related to the post an explains exactly what you are up to. The description doesn’t need to be two long paragraphs, but it also shouldn’t be 3 short words only. The perfect balance is 2-3 sentences. Try to show how you are unique or what makes the post cool, but make it clear and concise.

Take a look at Justin B’s posts below. You’ll notice he uses pictures that aren’t very clear what they are about (you can’t really tell what the wheel of a skateboard is doing there or why it matters), the descriptions are too short and there are spelling errors and poor grammar.

justin-ennouncement1 justin-ennouncement2 justin-ennouncement3

Now take a look at Alicia Cruz’s posts below. Her posts use capitalization, complete sentences, proper grammar, no spelling errors and a single high quality picture  for each topic that clearly shows what the post is about. Most important, they posts accurately and concisely describe what she’s up to, her accomplishments and also show what makes her unique.

alicia-screenshot1 alicia-screenshot2

When you read Alicia’s posts, you get to learn more about her, you get a good positive picture of what she does. With Justin’s you might be left confused and uncertain about his true personality. Even worse, you might be left with the impression that he isn’t very serious about his work or interests. And remember, quality over quantity! One high quality post is better than a bunch of poor quality posts.

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