Our Faves This Week – Motivated Students for the Summer

From high school seniors to grad students, our students are busy wrapping up the spring semester and already looking ahead to what’s next.  Check out how you can be a part of helping a student intern in the South Pacific, compete for their collegiate Mountain Biking team or travel to Israel to be part of an archeological dig.

Collin Reeser 

High school senior, Collin, is excited about his next chapter at Fort Lewis College. Planning to double major in secondary education and chemistry he’s going to be busy with his academics. On top of that he’s joining the collegiate mountain biking team. Mountain biking can be expensive though, so he turned to us for some fundraising help!

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Mike Castronuovo 

Mike, a grad student at USD landed an internship in New Zealand this summer that will earn him additional academic credit. He will be assisting students from traveling from all over the world to the South Pacific and teaching them how to see the “bigger picture”. New Zealand is quite the hike from CA and he needs a little assistance to get there!

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Olivia Hampton

Olivia, sophomore at Oakland University has dreams to be an archeologist and making serious plans to get there. First up, she is headed to Israel this summer for a three-week archeological dig to build up her resume and gain some hands on experience. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such an ambitious student’s dedicated career path??

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Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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