Our Faves this Week – Missions Abroad

Students in today’s generation are thriving to enhance their cultural experiences abroad and assist others in need overseas. Some of our students are doing just this and we want you to check out their ambitious stories.

Indonesia AIDS Support Campaign by Andrew Grimes

 After studying abroad in Bali, Andrew learned how the people were greatly affected by HIV and wanted to help. His goal is to assist in the opening of an HIV clinic for the people of Ubud and we want to support his grand efforts. View this Mission –>

Going to Australia by Mariah Bryan

Giving back as a volunteer to one of the island’s many national parks and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef all in one trip to Australia?!? Who wouldn’t want help this student make this experience come to life!  View this Mission –>

 Dreaming of Art in France by Cailee Inman

As an Art History major, Cailee, has always dreamt of traveling to France to see all the major pieces she has studied in real life. She finally has the opportunity! We want Cailees’s dream to come true, don’t you? View this Mission –>

Meghan & Melissa Davis

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