Our Faves this Week

These students have such awesome aspirations! We hope you are as inspired to contribute or share. Check out where their headed, in life and overseas.

Hannah Jesberger

A freshman honors student at BGSU, Hannah, has dreams to one day live in Spain and teach for an American school.  Constantly giving back to the community, most of her free time is spent volunteering for soccer camps, the OVH, Crossroads, and tutoring. She knows studying abroad in Lima, Perú, is something that can really benefit her future career and is already fundraising to head their next summer. Since Hannah is always giving back to the community, we think it’s time for her to get some help in return!

View her Student Page!

Kiefer Kofman

Kiefer, a Pace University sophomore, majoring in Political Science, is always looking ahead. His future plans not only include a semester at Oxford (which he is fundraising to achieve) but to also to attend a top 25 law school. Why does Kiefer deserve your help for this chance at Oxford? Check out his long list of honors and secured internship with best selling author and investigative reporter, Greg Palast, on his Student Page.

View his Student Page!

Dayna Sherman 

As a freshman at Kent State University, Dayna, is already showcasing her campus spirit right on her Student Page. Just a month into school and she is already part of the Biology Club, KSU Flahsathon and Scientista. Since high school she has dreamt of studying abroad and is fundraising to make this trip to Switzerland possible. We think she deserves a buck or two, don’ t you?

View her Student Page!

 Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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