Our Faves – Students on a Mission!

These girls are passionate about making a difference in the world!! Get inspired by the way they are striving to become a fashion designer, an international ambassador, and a human rights lawyer.

Nia Robert

Nia Robert is currently a high school senior (and honors student) at The Woodlands College Park and is heading to Loyola University in New Orleans this fall. Nia thrives in the world of the arts and already has plans to one day open her own fashion house in France! To get this dream kick started she has been accepted to study abroad in France this summer for college credit. Not only will she be earning credit, the opportunity will help her enhance her fluency in French, learn more about French culture and customs, expand her network, and learn the French market. Other than her interest in fashion, Nia also loves reading, writing, music, art, designing, and culture. Check out her fundraising mission here to see how you can help Nia get to France and one step closer to becoming a world- renowned fashion designer!

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Sierra Downey

Sierra is a college freshman at California State University, majoring in History. Not only is Sierra a history buff, she loves to travel and has been doing it since she was 3 months old! With this desire to travel comes her passion for culture, exploration, and interest in meeting new people. With her future plans in mind, Sierra plans to combine her skills of speaking, writing, and media production to work in a field involving documentary film production, international business representation, or international ambassadorship. To further imerse herself in the world of learning and culture, Sierra has been accepted to study abroad in Viterbo, Italy at Università degli Studi della Tuscia! Here she will be able to learn more about cultures in Italy, while also learning about the history and art that Italy has to offer. Recently she was awarded the Randal D. Kyle Memorial Scholarship, which will pay for the down payment for this trip but she still needs a little help making this amazing opportunity happen! Visit her fundraising Mission, learn more about Sierra, and see if you can help her get to Italy.

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Helen Ard

As a sophomore at Lehigh University, Helen has big dreams that stem from her major in Global Studies. In the future Helen has plans to become a human rights lawyer and work with an NGO focusing on women and children’s rights. Along with her interest in travel, Helen also has an interest in language. She is currently learning how to speak Arabic, which is perfect, since she is deeply passionate about gaining as much knowledge as possibly about Middle Eastern and Islamic countries! Helen is on her way to reaching her goals, with securing a summer internship at an NGO called Cambodian Development Mission for Disability, where they help run two daycare centers in the Takeo province of Cambodia. Not only will she be learning more about the culture and society in Cambodia, but she will also be helping students learn! To make even more of a difference while she is there, she is fundraising for supplies for the daycare centers. For more information about how you can help Helen reach this goal for the Cambodian Development Mission for Disability, visit her fundraising Mission!

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