Our Faves: Students Looking to Change and See the World

These students already have their future career’s in mind and are looking to contribute to the the world in very special ways. In order to achieve these dreams, first, they need to experience the world themselves! Take a minute to look at their impressive Student Page’s and inspirational Mission’s to see what they have planned and how they’re going to get there!

Kayla Irby

As a junior at Xavier University of Louisiana, Kayla is majoring in psychology and minoring in communication studies. She is very involved on campus with activities that range from being a campus tour guide to the managing editor of the yearbook for the past 2 years! For her future, Kayla plans to get her Master’s degree to eventually become a marriage and family therapist. To reach this goal of becoming a family therapist, Kayla has recently been accepted into the International Studies Abroad Internship Program, in Lima, Peru, where she will get hands on experience in a professional psychology environment! This opportunity is very important to Kayla because it will give her invaluable exposure to her future work environment! Her Mission is the best way for her to get there, so check it out and help Kayla spread the word! We think she deserves it!

View her Student Page!

Lara Johnson

Lara is only a senior at Loveland High School and already has her future in mind! Lara plans to go to CSU to major in Sports Medicine, which was inspired by her lifelong career in gymnastics, which was unfortunately cut short due to an injury. Since being physically fit and healthy is an important characteristic for Lara, she wants to inspire other people to better themselves. Gymnastics was the most important thing for Lara because it made her realize the most essential life skill, hard work. With this perspective Lara has been able to maintain a great GPA and get into her dream college: CSU! We want to see Lara reach this dream of becoming an expert in sports medicine and help with her Mission in anyway we can! Big dreams are made for people who can reach them, we think Lara is worth a shot!

View her Student Page!

Keibreona Bobo

Keibreona is currently a junior at Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in child development with and minoring in Spanish. After her undergraduate career she plans to get her masters in Social Work in Memphis, TN, so that she can work with Child Protective Services for families and children in all areas of the world. Keibreona has just been granted the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica, which is a very important stepping-stone for her future plans to open a childcare facility with an ESL (English as a Second Language) focus. In Costa Rica, she will be able to enhance her Spanish speaking skills to make this happen, she just needs a little help with her Mission to get there! We think she will go on to do great things from this trip, do you?

View her Student Page!

Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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