Our Faves: Ennouncing Their 2014 Graduation on GoEnnouce

These young students are excited to start their futures and make a difference and they are one step away from getting there! Take a minute to look at their GoEnnounce Student Pages and see what is new with these graduates and how they are using GoEnnounce to “ennounce” news about their graduation! 

George Argota

As a senior at James Campbell High School, George wants to go into the field of Criminal Justice to “Strive for a better tomorrow.”. And he is already starting his journey by being awarded – The House of Representatives Navy Junior Reserve Officer Award. Not only has he already gained this prestigious award he is also in honors classes in his high school starting from English to U.S Government! George has been accepted to Hawaii University of West Oahu where he will continue his journey. Recently George has been posting “ennouncements” for receiving the Class of 2014 AVID student award! Check it out on his Student Page and congrats on graduation, George!

View his Student Page!

Andrew Fortner

Andrew is a senior at Sycamore High School and will be attending Tennessee Technological University to major in Sports Administration next year! He’s even already thinking ahead and may continue his education to earn his masters degree. This summer while most other students are taking vacations or lounging by a beach, Andrew will be interning at a local college or a professional athletic department getting experience for his future career! The end goal for Andrew is to become a coach or become an executive in a sports athletic department. Andrew is one step away from getting there with his graduation from high school is just one week! Check out more of Andrew’s “ennouncements” here!

View his Student Page!

Steffi Ng

Senior at Notre Dame High School, Steffi, is crazy about art and fashion! She is a part of multiple clubs at her school including – the Literary Arts Magazine, African American Culture Club, and Crafts Club. Being involved in these organizations is already preparing her dream for her dream to become a business owner of a fashion company. In order to reach this goal, she plans to major in Fashion and Business when she goes to college. Lately Steffi has been using her GoEnnounce Student Page to “ennounce” all of her end-of-term activities, which included her graduation on May 19th! She also posted pictures from her senior night event and is keeping her Followers updated on some recent fundraising initiatives she is invovlded in! To see what else Steffi has been up to, check out her Student Page here!

View her Student Page!

 Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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