Oh the places you will go

By Gabriele Keizer

Summer is all about relaxing, soaking in the sun and enjoying some time off, but we can all agree the best part about summer is our vacations. I am also sure that we can all agree the worst part of vacation is picking where to go. Weekend trips away are an easy way to connect with all the members of your group and have a variety of experiences this summer. Start your research here and pack your weekender because it won’t be long before you start hitting the dusty trail to these summer gems.


1) Memphis, Tennessee.

Our mouths are already watering thinking about all the delicious ribs we could be munching on and the awesome live music we should already be listening to. Memphis is a mid-sized city that has the best the south can offer. An active music scene has live bands playing in almost every restaurant and the potential to rub elbows with some of country music’s biggest stars. “The King” even gave this city the seal of approval with a salacious hip thrust. Memphis is an old city with a lot of culture, history, music and good eats. It has something for everyone and should definitely be on a must stop list for any of you road tripping across the country.


2) Adirondacks, New York

If city life isn’t your thing than the mountains should be your calling. Clusters of small towns nestled into the summits of these majestic mountains are sure to make any camper more than happy. Getting here is half the fun with several scenic drives listed on their tourism website, you never know what you will find in one of America’s largest nature parks.  The Adirondack region isn’t all nature towns like Lake George pull in large amounts of tourism each summer and are a perfect spot for those who don’t want to be too far away from civilization.


3) Portland, Oregon

This town is not just for nature enthusiast anymore. A city sitting between the Willamette and Columbia rivers whose skyline blends right into the Tualatin Mountain range Portland is the definition of a hidden gem. There is plenty to during the day with shopping in downtown markets, walking in the parks and eating in some of the best local spots Portland doesn’t have a closing time.


4) Chicago, Illinois

This city beside lake Michigan is known for deep dish pizza, hot dogs, wind, and a unique skyline. The windy city has so much to offer to the artist, foodie, baseball fanatic and tourist in all of us. When you’re in town you have to take a boat tour along the Chicago River and look up at the majestic skyline. Afterward you might want to take a stroll in Millennium Park and see how green a city can be. There are plenty of museums to see and plenty of places to grab a quick bite or a full course meal. Chicago is a great metropolis to get away to.


5) The Beach

It doesn’t matter if your beaches kiss the Atlantic or Pacific what matters is that you get your toes in the sand. Beach towns offer great food, a relaxed atmosphere and the ocean to cool you off on those hot days. Spend some time on your home state’s travel site and see what beaches are close to you and how much they are to get on. Most state park beaches have free admission, but don’t forget your sunscreen.

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