Networking? How do I do that?

Invite Followers!

On GoEnnounce, you can invite people to follow you like mentors, former teachers, coaches and relatives. These people want to know how you are doing as a student. Furthermore, they’re the ones that can provide you with not only advice or encouragement but they can also be potential sources of future opportunities such as an internship or even a job!

Networking is really powerful in today’s world and you want to make sure that the right persons know what you are doing in your life! You never know when they might help you.

How to invite followers

To invite followers is quick and easy, all you have to do is:

  • Go under “grow your Go circle” and invite your relatives and friends to follow you through e-mail, facebook or twitter.
  • Add a message to the invitation saying how you want them to follow you to stay updated on all your school and extracurricular activities.
  • All they need to do is accept the invitation, they don’t even have to create an account.

And hey, by doing this, they’ll be up to date with what you’re doing and you won’t have to explain them everything all over again next time you see them in person!

Share and learn with other students from all around the world!

Today’s world is becoming more and more interconnected, and people from all around the world get together. By checking out our Global Feed you will see what students from all around the world want to share with you. Learn as much as you can from them, their way of studying, their culture and their activities.

You can also be inspired by them and their stories. By checking out other GoEnnouce students profiles you will get new ideas and it will open your mind to new perspectives. And think about it, students from all around the world are probably interested on reading what you have to share with them too!

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