My SAT Score Isn’t Stellar… What Do I Do?

The SATs are a long-standing tradition in the college application process, but just because you didn’t get the score you hoped for, doesn’t mean you won’t get into a college of your choice. Before you start stressing, take our tips into consideration:

1) Some schools don’t require SAT scores

These days, many colleges don’t require an SAT score to be submitted with your application. Many put much more focus on your school grades, extra curricular activities, and college essay instead. Check out the application requirements of the schools on your list.

2) Consider taking the ACT

The ACT is a content-based test that include science and reasoning, which the SAT does not. Because the test is a different format and has a broader subject matter, you may test higher on the ACT than the SAT. Many schools accept both test scores.

3) Take it again!

If you have time to take the test again, take it another time, or maybe even a couple more times. You will be more familiar with how the test works, which may improve your score. Try to prep a bit more the next time you take it again; there are practice tests out there to help. A great resource for some SAT test prep is our friends at They have a great SAT prep options that gives you experience personalized learning and will improve your score faster on your schedule, at your pace, anywhere in the world. Don’t worry,  schools allow you to submit your highest score!

4) Write a stand-out essay

So maybe test-taking isn’t your strong point. Stand out in the college admissions process with a stellar essay instead! Show your prospective schools where you shine most.

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