My GoEnnounce Ambassador Experience

By: Terence Guy, 11th Grade Student at Medgar Evers Preparatory School



The day my fellow classmate and Lead GoEnnounce Brand Ambassador, Tania, came to ask me about starting a GoEnnounce page, I knew nothing of GoEnnounce. When she came to me I said that I would join not knowing that I was going to be a brand ambassador. The way Tania explained it to me, it seemed to basically be a Facebook for academics. I thought I would make posts on it about once or twice a week. But a little while after I made my GoEnnounce page, I was informed that I needed to create a Skype account to have a Skype call with one of the co-founders of GoEnnounce, Ms. Meghan Davis. For someone who just made a page, I wasn’t expecting to be in contact with a co-founder of the website! After my first meeting with other brand ambassadors, I had felt the enthusiasm that Ms. Davis expressed. While talking to her, I understood how much she wanted us to see the importance of having a digital page to represent us as students.

In this new and growing age of technology, having a GoEnnounce page benefits students greatly. It gives colleges a look at achievements throughout the years. Instead of only application forms or social media accounts, colleges are able to see events that transpired throughout the school years such as graded assignments, which otherwise they wouldn’t be able to see. This page isn’t solely for colleges but it shows academic progress to family members, organizations and groups looking for leaders within the new generation of students, and even allows you to start fundraising missions for educational goals/expenses, ranging from school supplies to mission trips.

As a GoEnnounce ambassador, I have recruited others to join this organization as well as used my Student Page to showcase how GoEnnounce works at previous schools I have attended. Going back to my elementary school and showing younger students about GoEnnounce has helped me develop, not only as a student, but also as a person. I have spoken to teachers within my school bringing up the importance of having a digital representation of student’s achievements in this current age. I have also grown closer to my fellow brand ambassadors and classmates. This opportunity to be involved with GoEnnounce has given me a boost with my leadership abilities by taking the initiative within certain tasks, learning when I should be the supporter for events, and developing a certain charisma with people.

Some students are uncertain of joining an organization that isn’t exactly widespread or “mainstream”. But with some convincing words, a computer screen, and some charm, I have been able to expose students in schools all over NYC to the benefits within making (AND MAINTAINING) a GoEnnounce page. As an ambassador for this fantastic company, become a better student, Boy Scout, and person altogether.

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