Making the Most of Your Summer

By: Haley Walsh

Over the school year, we are constantly running. Papers, exams, tests, part-time jobs, the list goes on! Summertime should be about relaxing rather than cramming a million extra-curricular activities in because soon enough, we will be back in the homework and exam grind and won’t have as easy of an escape.  Here are some tips that I follow to really utilize my summer correctly.

1) Volunteer!

Volunteering is such a fun way to take your mind off of reality and makes you feel good! Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and TECHO give you the opportunity to help out to people and communities that are in need. Also, you can research any local foundations that need some assistance. Nothing better than helping out your own hometown!

2) Work at a day camp!

Working with younger kids is one of the most invigorating and fun experiences to have. You essentially get to become a camper all over again because you are running around with young campers all day! Another plus? You are out in the sunshine all day long. There’s really nothing better than that.

3) Take a beach day!

Ever heard of the quote “Life is better with sand in your toes”? Well, I happen to agree with that. Taking a break and lying out in the sun with some friends is the greatest way to relax. Jumping in the waves and taking a break from your usual routines will add some excitement into your summer. I would go to the beach everyday if I could!

4) Attend a cool event!

So there is this new trend of 5k’s were you are splattered and sprayed with colorful paint while you run. How cool does that sound? Companies such as Color Run and Color Me Rad 5K organize these runs all over the country and make exercising that much more fun and exciting! This is definitely on my bucket list for the upcoming summer months.

5) Make a bucket list of books to read!

I feel like during the school year, it is so difficult to sit down and read a book that has nothing to do with the classes that you are taking. Reading is my way of meditating. It helps me to exit reality and enter another world. Over December break, I made a bucket list of books to read and I sped through them! A couple of books that are on my summer list are Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg and Art Lover: A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim.

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