Make This Summer Count With A Self-Directed Summer Plan

By: UnCollege

At this point in the school year, it’s almost expected that talk of Europe trips, community college classes, camp counselor jobs, volunteering, lifeguarding gigs, and sleep-away camps will permeate every lunch table conversation. For those who have essentially been planning their summers since winter break in December, the last day of school can’t come soon enough. For everyone else, the anxiety of three months without any exciting or concrete plans only increases as that climactic day in June approaches. If you’re one of those people, we may have a solution.


While there can be value in rigidly structured summer plans, some of the most meaningful experiences can emerge from time spent with self-directed learning. To learn more about self-directed learning and how it can transform the productivity of your summer, check out UnCollege’s advice for a valuable self-directed summer plan here!


UnCollege encourages students to proactively pursue their interests through learning relevant skills and gaining real world experience. It’s a three-phase program consisting of: international service learning, skill-building workshops in SF, and an internship anywhere in the world. All of this is woven together by a dedicated coach and mentors that the student works with throughout the program to identify and set personal and professional goals. The result is expedited growth on both levels.

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