Make Money for Your Future, While at the Beach or Playing Video Games, This Summer

When it comes to your future goals, ask yourself this: “If I could do anything I want, I would do ___________?”  Maybe it’s taking a class outside of school, doing some test prep, participating in a new sport, attending a conference, going to an immersive summer camp, or even studying abroad? Whatever it is, I bet your answer involves some sort of cost that makes this opportunity seem unrealistic right now.  Don’t let the cost stop you from achieving your dreams.

Use some of these relaxation hours this summer to fundraise online for the opportunities you dream of participating in! Raising money online is not widely publicized but it’s a smart and effective way to achieve the things that seem out of reach financially.  You can fundraise online for a range of things such as tuition, a school related trip or a cause you’re passionate about.

Check out these summer fundraising ideas and see how easy it is: 

  • SPORTS: “Team sport is significantly related to higher grade-point averages and a higher likelihood of completing high school and enrolling in college”, as quoted in this article.  We agree – it is very important to be involved in sports and extracurriculars. But it also gets expensive! Know you’re going to have to pay for football/soccer/cheer camp? Need new uniforms? Want to hire that private coach from our friends at Coach Up? Create your own fundraising Mission to help pay for those expenses. Learn how here.


  • TEST PREP:  Standardized tests, AP class costs and tutoring can add up.  Don’t let the initial sticker price stop you from taking AP classes to get ahead in college or hiring a tutor to achieve a better standardized test score to get into your dream school.  Our friends at Testive offer online SAT/ACT Prep classes that can raise your score 3x higher!!! So what are you waiting for, get ahead and create a fundraising Mission to cover those AP test costs & ACT/SAT/GRE/MCAT/LSAT test prep.  Learn more here.

ap testing

  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES: The repeated costs of new school supplies each year can be financially draining. Especially now when you factor in all the technology requirements such as computer programs and devices needed for BYOD schools .  According to US News,  in 2014, school-related spending – including pen-and-paper supplies, electronics and other school fees, increased by 20 percent. And guess what?! These expenses will be here before you know it! Get an early start here.

school expenses

  • COLLEGE APPLICATION FEES: Tuition is one thing, but how about those college application fees?? Applying to just 5 different schools can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars. Don’t let those fees stop you from applying to all of your dream schools. Deciding to leave out just one application could make all the difference in your future. Get those fees paid for here.

college application



study abroad


Getting inspired to use your time this summer to get ahead and start fundraising yet:)  Remember we specialize in helping students fundraise online.  If you have questions on how to get started, visit our FAQ’s or email us at

Don’t let your finances dictate your dreams! Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise!

carry on fundraising

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