#JackieAbroad – My Final Days in Ireland

By: Jackie James

Hi! My name is Jackie, and I am a junior at the University of South Carolina and studying Marketing and Management. Currently, I am abroad in Limerick, Ireland as an Exchange student. Throughout the semester I will be sharing my personal experiences with academics in a new setting, the amazing sights Ireland offers, cultural differences between Americans and the Irish, and my travels to other countries throughout Europe.

A couple of weeks ago I explored the Dingle Peninsula. What an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL town it was. I think I’ve decided to move there.

Here are some pictures to prove my statement:


Jackie 3


Jackie 8
The main road in the town of Dingle

We left at 8 AM, and made the 2.5 hour journey. We arrived to scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean. We made a quick stop at the beach (which was extremely cold.) Needless to say, we didn’t stay out in the elements for very long. It was super cute with the snow-capped mountains in the background, it was almost like a movie set.

We then went to the Dingle Visitor’s Center where we learned about the history of the island. We watched a documentary about the original 20 people that lived on the island. Some were highlighted in the film … as my friend Mike said, “I’m pretty sure that between the 20 of them they had a full set of teeth.”

Me standing in front of the views behind the Dingle Visitor's Center
Me standing in front of the views behind the Dingle Visitor’s Center

We then made our way to the center of the town. It was the cutest place I have ever been to.

We walked around a bit, and then entered this restaurant that was famous for its Dingle fish and chips. It was quite good (not mind-blowingly awesome though – sorry to disappoint.) The restaurant specialized in fried seafood and the prices were relatively good.


Harrington’s Restaurant where I ate yummy fish and chips (above)


We then walked over to Murphy’s Ice Cream to have the other famous food of Dingle – sea salt ice cream. The nice lady behind the counter let us try almost of the flavors (heehee), when I decided on one scoop of white chocolate and one scoop of sea salt vanilla ice cream. It was heaven in my mouth. I would highly recommend Murphy’s.


Every type of weather (even the cold) is ice cream weather!

With only 45 minutes left, we decided to go to the Dingle aquarium. It was a bit expensive for an extremely small place – 9 euros for students – but once I got in there and explored, it was well worth the price. As we were paying our admission, they told us that they were about to feed the penguins. So we ran back to the penguin exhibit (I think we knocked down some kids on the way.) Watching the penguins being fed was really fun – did you know that the zookeepers feed the penguins fish face first because if they don’t, then the gills and scales could get lodged in their throats? Also, that little shiver you see the penguins do after they eat is not because they are cold, but because it helps them compact the food they ate in their stomach to make room for more.


Although the penguins were cool, my favorite part was “Beyoncé” the sea turtle. The keepers named her that because she poses for the camera. The whole time that we were near the glass, she was peering at us, posing for the pictures. It was hilarious and extremely cute. I think I might have to get one for a pet.

Queen Bey – ISN’T SHE CUTE?!

At the end of the day (with 5 minutes before the bus was supposed the leave – oops!), I got my face painted. It was so cute and I would totally walk around like that all the time, but alas, I had to take a shower.

Tomorrow I am leaving to go home. I’m so sad to leave this amazing country.

Éirinn go Brách!


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