Ideas to Celebrate your Commencement – Congrats 2014 Grads!

You did it grads, school is finally over and summer is on the horizon! There is no doubt that this year has been one of the longest years of all the time you’ve spent in school! Hopefully you got to make some lasting memories and friendships that will last you well into your 60’s. We’re sure many of you would love to celebrate your accomplishments with family and friends, so we’ve got some great ideas to get your graduation party or summer trip started! But FIRST, don’t forget to share all of your graduation news, what you have accomplished this year, and even your party invite on your GoEnnounce Student Page. Here’s how!

1. Have a backyard BBQ!

It’s the best way to gather all your favorite people for an event that is all about you! It is social and low key and best of all, there is BBQ! If you don’t like the whole backyard “I am going to have to clean up after this” idea, have it at your local park! This way you can invite as many people as you like! (Just make sure to bring enough food!)

2. Plan a formal graduation party!

Why not? You know you deserve it! Have a party at your favorite place in the world! Whether it be your favorite diner on the corner or Dave and Buster’s, have a blast with the people you love hanging with!

3. Reward yourself with a summer vacation!

Being DONE with school and having gone through finals, papers, and the stresses of senior year deserves a little break! It’s nice to get away – Somewhere exotic or even a place right in your town! Places you could consider going are:

. In-door water parks

. Rent a beach house near your closes beach

. Taking a trip to California or Florida for some sun

. Going further away from home – Somewhere in the Caribbean Islands or even Europe!

Where ever it is you decide to go, take a few friends or family members and enjoy the summer time!

The best way to have a good time this summer is just to enjoy your time with friends and family and maybe share some memories on the beach! You deserve it grads! Well done and Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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