How to Write a Stand-Out College Essay

One of the most time consuming and sometimes intimidating parts of college applications is writing the essay. You want to write something that’s unique, that expresses your personality, but is still professional and well-written—which can certainly cause some application anxiety. We’ve come up with a few tips to make your college essay the best it can be

1. Plan out your essay first

Start by writing down some notes and ideas that come to mind when you read the essay prompt. Make lists and try to gather as many thoughts as you can on the page. When you have an idea you like, start outlining it to make sure you have enough information and so it’s well-organized.

2. Look at it from a different angle

If you want your essay to stand out, try taking a different approach to the topic. Write your piece from a different angle that’s unexpected. For example, if the prompt is asking you why you want to study your field of choice, tell an engaging story about how you became interested in biology, rather than just listing reasons.

3. But Keep it Relevant

Make sure you are still answering the essay question. It’s good to answer in a unique way, but don’t let your essay turn into a completely different topic. Stay on topic and make sure it’s clear and thoughtful.

4. Get Some Outside Opinions

After you have something written, show it to your friends, parents, teachers, or anyone else with an opinion you trust. They might have some ideas that you didn’t think about. Don’t be shy!

5. Don’t be Boring

If you’re bored when you read your essay, chances are the admissions reps will be too. Put yourself in their shoes. It’s their job to read college essays all day, so they want to read something they haven’t read before.

6. Proofread, proofread, proofread

We can’t say it enough.

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