How To Turn Your Video Game Hobby Into Something Productive

video-games-meme-that-moment-when-you-finish-a-game-and-just-dont-know-what-to-do-with-yourselfBy: Thrively

Every gamer will probably be spending MOST of their free time this summer playing video games. Lucky for you research has indicated that playing in a video game world actually has some real world benefits! Video games can not only improve your cognitive functions, but help with some emotional benefits as well. So, have you ever thought about creating and designing your own game?  If you think this idea of turning your favorite hobby into a productive skill sounds interesting our friends at Thrively have a perfect summer project for you. They’ve compiled a list of awesome gaming courses for you to get started creating you very own game! Check it out here.

Thrively is an online tool that helps students pursue their passions by matching them to amazing out-of-school opportunities. Thrively recommends programs all over the country to teens, from clubs to camps and everything in between. Once you completed their online Strength Assessment, Thrively will tailor your program suggestions to your strengths and interests. Find a coveted internship, an inspiring volunteer opportunity, or pre-college program that can help your resume shine, and learn about your strengths in the process. Get started with your free Thrively account here.

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