How To Successfully Fundraise On GoEnnounce

A GoEnnounce Mission is a way to fundraise online for the educational expenses, goals and dreams that you could use some financial assistance with.  We allow you to create a Mission to fundraise for anything you may need in school through your social network.  That could mean raising money for new soccer uniforms, club dues, test prep, college application fees traveling for an alternative Spring Break trip, your first student film, a specific textbook or computer program, or your own philanthropy.  We know the expenses you have as a student, aside from tuition and the possibilities you could fundraise for are endless!

The cool thing about fundraising on GoEnnounce is that a Mission connects with your Student Page and gives potential donors the chance to learn so much more about you as a student.  The more donors know about you as a student and how important this fundraising goal is to you and your future, the more inclined they will be to donate and share your Mission with others to help you achieve your goal.   

Creating a successful fundraiser is no easy task, so we’d like to give you a few tips and pointers to get your GoEnnounce campaign off on the right foot!

1. How to determine the amount you want to raise.

Before even making the campaign, you should first compile a list of all things you are looking to have funded and, as specifically as you can be, and use this to come up with a dollar amount you want to raise.   Make sure you account for any fees or deductions to make sure you actually receive the dollar amount you need.  There are fees associated with fundraising on all crowdfunding sites.  Just like opening an online store on Etsy for example, where to sell you items there are fees and you need to account for these to determine how much you are going to sell your product for, there are fees associated with fundraising on GoEnnounce.

On GoEnnounce it is free to create a fundraising Mission. However, to help GoEnnounce keep the lights on and give you this platform to fundraise, GoEnnounce charges you a 3.5% processing fee for all donations.  Stripe our payment processor, also charges an additional 2.9% + 30 cents per successful credit card charge (US) to cover the credit card processing costs.  If you don’t receive any donations you are never charged, these fees are only deducted from each donation as they come in.

GoEnnounce specializes in crowdfunding for students and knows every $ is important!  We charge one of the lowest crowdfunding fees out there, deducting only these fees.  Other crowdfunding sites even penalize you if you don’t reach your goal, by charging more or not allowing you to keep any donations.  At GoEnnounce, you have instant access to every donation as it comes in.  While we encourage you to promote your Mission and want you to raise your whole goal, we know some financial assistance is better than none so you don’t have to take out additional loans and go into debt to achieve your dreams.

We also encourage you to build our fees into what you are trying to raise if you need an exact monetary amount.  For example, let’s say you have a dream to attend the state Mathcounts Competition and the cost for you to travel and compete is $450. If you need the entire $450 and GoEnnounce is going to deduct 3.5% and Stripe is going to deduct 2.9% (plus 30 cents for each donation)  add 6.4% of $450 onto the total amount you are looking to raise.  6.4% of $450 is $28.80.  So far, $450+ $28.80 is a total of $478.80 you will need. Then estimate how many donors it will take to help you reach this goal. Let’s say you believe each person will donate $25.  It will take at least 20 donors to raise over $478, so estimate 30 cents times 20 transactions to incorporate the rest of Stripe’s per transaction fee.  This is another $6.  In total, you need to raise $484.80 to pay for the $450 Mathcounts competition.  Then your GoEnnounce fundraising Mission should be for $485.

2. Have an inspiring & authentic description

Break down exactly why you need this dollar amount. List out all of the expenses that make up the amount you are fundraising for and tell them how and what you are going to spend this money on. You should give as much information as possible about your cause and how the money will be spent. Try not to ask for an unreasonable amount so people see your goal as being actually attainable. Be honest with everyone and transparent about your needs and costs. Honesty is always appreciated when asking for money.
Of course, this does not inhibit you from making an inspiring mission description to encourage your potential donors.   Have a detailed, heartfelt description to encourage donors. Inspire donors to help you by selling why this will help you achieve your goals as a student. See our article for tips on how to write an inspiring mission description.


3. The best way to get donations

By Marketing!  You need to grab the attention of your target audience. Share it continuously with parents, family, teachers, and any connections you may have. Repeatedly reach out to all of them and ask for their support in spreading the news about your campaign via email, text, and other social media channels. Communicate the urgency and your legitimate desire to see your fundraiser succeed. With you taking charge on all fronts, people will see that their money will be taken of full advantage by you and your goal.

4. Lastly, say “thank you!”

Two very important points to not overlook once completing the initial setup of your fundraising page are to keep it up to date and say thank you to all donors. Keep your page fresh and worth coming back to with new posts about a reached goal or how you spent the funds you raised. Saying thank you is also a critical step. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their efforts, especially when it’s for someone else’s sole benefit. By saying thank you to each of your donors you can help maintain a positive and optimistic campaign. It shows that you are engaged with your page and you are truly thankful for your donors’ time and support.


Get started on your GoEnnounce fundraising campaign HERE.


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  1. Make sure you have a goal in place of how much money you need to raise and have an idea of how much time you will need to make all of that money.

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