How to Receive the Perfect Letters of Recommendation for College

letter of recomendSchool is back in session, and that means it’s time for high school seniors to begin planning college application essays, SAT classes, college visits, and all the rest. But did you know that letters of recommendation are one of the most overlooked, and important, aspects of the college application? Waiting until a week before an application is due to ask a teacher for a recommendation is guaranteed to annoy the teacher, and will probably reduce the quality of the letter! Thankfully our friends at Admittedly have you covered! Check out their tips here on how and when to get the perfect letter of recommendation. And don’t forget that your GoEnnounce page is a great way to show off all your skills and activities to your teachers!

Admittedly is the ultimate online college advisory platform for high school students, their parents, and guidance counselors that is leveling the playing field for students at all budgets. We provide tools for students in 8th through 12th grade that are timely and relevant, and early enough to make an impact on improving students’ chances of admission.

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