How to Prep for the PSAT’s

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If you’re going to be a high school sophomore or junior, you might be hearing these four letters a lot: PSAT. The PSAT is like the practice test before the SAT’s. It gives students a chance to get an intro to the SAT, as well as qualify for certain scholarships. Although it might be a “practice” test, it’s not something you should take lightly, as it can give you a leg up when you take the actual SAT test.

Here are a few ways you can start prepping now for your upcoming PSAT.

1. Talk to your guidance or college counselor. He or she can help you learn more about the test and get you the info you need to start preparing. They can also answer your questions about registering.

2. Get the prep book. There are plenty of PSAT prep books out there to give you some ideas of sample questions and test taking tips. Invest in a book and start flipping through.

3. Set up your own PSAT. Get a sample test and time yourself as if you were taking the actual PSAT test. Check your score and see where you need some improvement.

4. Take challenging courses in school. Choosing the most challenging courses can help you think critically and gain the skills you need to ace your test.

5. Read more. Having excellent reading skills will help you in all aspects on your life, and the PSAT is no different. Keep your brain fresh and pick up a book!

6. Sign up for a PSAT prep course. It will help you become a test taking pro and learn tips from the PSAT/SAT experts.

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Happy “ennouncing”!

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