How To Make Your Community Service Hours Count

By: NextGenVest

For many, senior year of high school is a time in which college application pressure looms constantly and anxiety-provoking thoughts about the upcoming four years never seem to stop surfacing. While the over-involved students can’t seem to decide which achievements to exclude from their three page resumes, others are desperately scrambling for extra community service hours and other extracurriculars in hopes of impressing their top college choices.

44d49cef432e22f041a9ede7551c20e9a9a14992fc63d8e36774dba41842fa19Unfortunately, it is often the case that these mandated or even strongly recommended volunteer hours degrade the volunteer experience to another tedious task on the seemingly endless to-do list of the high school senior. To help improve this unfortunate reality, NextGenVest has 3 quick tips to make community service hours count. Check them out here

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