How to Keep Your Brain Fresh Until School Starts

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Feeling like you’ve been out of school so long that you’re losing brain power? Maybe your Spanish is fuzzy and you feel out of practice in Algebra. Another school year isn’t far off, so to prepare, you might need to get back into the learning habit again. We’ve come up with 5 ways to keep your brain fresh through the end of the summer. They aren’t painful—we promise!

1. Read a book

Reading can get you back into the mode of thinking critically and help you brush up on your vocabulary. Pick something fun that you won’t mind bringing to the beach, but will challenge you a little bit too.

2. Get Cooking

The most delicious on the list, cooking is a great way to give your brain a refresher. You’ll learn about how to mix ingredients and even use a little bit of math to put that recipe to the test.

3. Game Time

You mother and father may be telling you to get off your cell phone or computer, but sometimes playing games can be good exercise for your brain. Download something with brain teasers or puzzles. Plus it’s fun, so you won’t mind it at all.

4. Write in a Journal

Even if it’s just a few words a day, writing in a journal can get you back in the habit for writing essays and doing homework. But in this case, you’ll be able to write about whatever you want!

5. Travel

If you have the flexibility, take a trip somewhere new, even if it’s somewhere not too far away. Learning about a new place or a new culture is a great way to keep your brain fresh… and who doesn’t want to take a vacation?

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Happy “ennouncing”!

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