How To Keep School Spirit All Year

As the school year enters the second semester, it gets harder to keep up the school spirit. Here are some ways to keep it going.

Watch A Game

Football season may be over, but there are many other sports throughout the year. Attend a basketball game or wrestling match this winter. Spring sports often include track and field, soccer, baseball, softball, and lacrosse. Find out what sports your school has and go to a home game!

HS basketball

Get Amped For An Art Or Scholastic Event

Sports aren’t the only activities schools participate in! Most schools have choir, band, and orchestra performances throughout the year. The drama club may be putting on a show. Some artistic students have their work placed locally on display. Clubs like the debate team, chess team, Model United Nations, JROTC drill team, and academic bowl have competitions. Not all these events are public, and they sometimes they are held far away. But even if you can’t attend one, you can still encourage and congratulate those who are part of them!

HSM go drama club

Wear School Colors

This is the easiest way to keep the spirit going! Switch out an accessory for something in your school’s colors. Nothing completes an outfit like pride!


Get Involved With Student Government Or Another Organization

In most cases student council is in charge of organizing activities throughout the school year. There are other clubs that make their presence known throughout the school. Find out what your school has to offer and join one! The best way to keep your school spirit up is to participate!

StuCo t-shirt


What does this have to do with school spirit? Volunteering with a group from your school will not only make you feel good and get closer to your peers, it will show the community how great your school is! That’s something to keep that spirit going! Joining groups like the Key Club or National Honor Society is a good way to stay involved. You can also check organizations like Habitat for Humanity, which works to build and provide housing, or find more opportunities specific to your interests or location here.


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