How to Fundraise for Fall: 5 Best Practices

Summer always goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Sure, it’s only July, but fall will be here faster than you think. And with the fall season comes a whole list of school-related expenses. Whether you’re in college with textbooks and tuition to pay for or K-12 in need of some funds for soccer team fees and club dues, you could likely use some help.

That’s one of the reasons we created GoEnnounce, so students and their organizations can have a platform to crowdfund, or fundraise online and create awareness about all the cool things they are trying to do. In preparation for the upcoming school year, we’ve put together some key tips to help you all fundraise even more effectively.

1. Set a concrete goal of how much money you want to raise.  Calculate your expenses in advance, and have a clear number in mind for your GoEnnounce “Mission.”

2. Give people a clear description of what you are raising funds for with an honest, specific Mission description.  Then, make sure you post regularly with your latest updates and keep your supporters informed.

3. Add a personal touch to your Mission.  Include a video of yourself describing your goals or consider providing an incentive, like baked goods to all those who donate.  People are more likely to donate to your cause if they see YOU in your mission!

4. Let your efforts be heard! Make sure your friends and family are aware of your fundraising goals.  Connect with them on GoEnnounce, email out updates often, send private messages through Facebook, and definitely post your Mission link to your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed or any other social media platforms you use.

5. Finally, don’t end communication once you’ve reached your fundraising goal. Use your Student Page to post ennouncements and update your donors on what’s going on with you at school and how you used the funds.  Also, make sure you thank your donors, using GoEnnounce to send a private thank you message or even a phone call. They will love being so connected to you and you never know when you might need their help again.

In addition to fundraising efforts, keeping an eye on finances elsewhere can help reduce costs.  Cara Beirne, a junior at Johns Hopkins says, “Buying textbooks at your college bookstore can be much more expensive than other book sources!  Instead, consider buying them for discounted prices, either new or used, on Amazon or similar sites.  Throughout the semester, instead of highlighting and marking up the book, keep your thoughts on post-its or in a separate notebook.  This gives you the flexibility to sell books back at the end of the semester. “

As always, please feel free to contact us or comment here with any questions. Enjoy the rest of your summer and transition into fall.

Happy “ennouncing”!

Meghan & Melissa from GoEnnounce

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