How To Finish The School Year Strong

sea foamOnly a couple weeks are left. Finals will be here soon. But we get it, the warming weather is pulling you away from paying any attention to classes. Instead of thinking about equations, your mind is drifting in and out of class like waves on the beaches you’re dreaming of being on. The year went by so fast, so why are these last months dragging on? Here are our tips on crossing that finish line strong!

Start a Countdown


Remember in kindergarten, when you counted to the 100th day of school? It was so exciting! Why not bring that enthusiasm in the opposite direction? Mark your last day of school down on a calendar or make your own countdown board of sorts. You can use post-it notes and pull one down each day till you get to end.


you can do this

Don’t lose track of your classes and become victim to the -itis. This part of the school year still counts and you’ve worked way too hard all year to slack off now! Just think about how much more enjoyable summer will be if you pass all of your classes (with high grades!). You’ll have ample time when summer comes to do what you want, but right now you need to focus on school. Keep track of your AP, IB, or final exams on a calendar and create a study schedule for them.

Study Outside


If it’s the weather that’s distracting you, give in a little. Grab your books and laptop and sit outside. The warm weather will make studying more bearable. Sit outside on a porch or deck. You could even study in the park. Let that spring sun wash over you as you tackle your end of the year tasks.

Reward Yourself


Treat yourself a little each day to keep yourself motivated. Some time to yourself will keep you from burning out before the end of the year. Finished that one assignment? Great! Now you get to reward yourself. Maybe you’re really into a show on Netflix, a book you’re reading, or a band you’re listening to. For every completed assignment, or chunk of an assignment, give yourself an episode, chapter, or couple of songs when you’re done. It’ll give you something to look forward to and get the job done.

Plan for the Summer


Why not use this time to get prepared for the summer? Now’s a good time to start applying for jobs and summer internships. These will give you experience and padding for college applications and resumes (not to mention some extra cash). Now is also a good time to start making other plans for summer, like trips, camps, or clinics you plan on attending. Maybe even make some plans with friends. It’s time to make summer 2015 one to remember!

So next time you’re stuck in class dreaming of summer, just think: only a couple of months left! Then get back to work and finish the year strong!

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